Thursday, January 13, 2005

Another idiotic idea of the AFP

To insure dollars flowing to the coffers of Philippine military (including police), they have to show that the Philippines is under terrorist attacks. Their latest scenario was a plot of Muslim converts (so not just Moros anymore! ) to bomb the Black Nazarene procession in Quiapo.

The Black Nazarene procession is very dear to the hearts of Manilenos, especially Quiapo folks. The Moros had created a ghetto at the very heart of Quiapo and they know precisely the emotional attachments of the Nazarene devotees. As a rule, Moros and/or Muslims respect other people's religious feelings. The Moros have stayed in Quiapo since the 1960's and not once did they ever bomb or in any way disrupted the yearly Nazarene procession.

And now the bumbling Manila authorities arrested Muslims allegedly plotting to bomb the affair. If one were to disrupt the processions, there was no need to plot. A strong firecracker like a "Super Lolo" or "baby dynamite" could already create havoc in the very crowded and unruly Nazerene procession.

And they arrested a certain Afgani Alonto, a son of the late Senator Domocao Alonto.
They could not have arrested a more unlikely person. Unlike some members of his clan, this guy is unassuming, low-key and appears to be quite religious. But then, from the perspective of the West and the Philippine administration, anybody who religiously follows Islam is most likely to be a terrorist.

The Moros should better beware. Like the affluent Jews of Europe before, they thought they would not be touched by the Nazis. It was too late before they realized that rich or poor, the Nazis were out to get them. And so the Moro elites should start thinking that while the poor Moros have always been the easy pickings of the Philippine police/military, soon they will go after the rich ones, too. Alonto is just the first.

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